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Filling in the {TK} blanks to write recipes that work.

Recipe testing and restaurant development can be messy, confusing work. Schedule a consultation call today to see if TK is a good fit for your next project.

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Chefs and culinary professionals are expected to do a lot. Be creative, run a business, manage a team, repair failing equipment, field press requests, support the local community but also travel, write and shoot recipes for social media, inspire young cooks, host interesting culinary events…the list goes on. Chefs, we are here to help. TK offers á la carte consulting services that allow you to stay engaged in your culinary business exactly the way that you want to be. 

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Many chefs and restaurants are fortunate to have an administrative team that supports front-of-house and general business operations: book-keeping, human resources, reservations, guest relations, etc. But who supports the needs of the kitchen? As the popularity of food writers and chefs has increased, so too have the demands on their time and their teams. TK offers two categories of services: restaurant consulting for new and existing businesses, and a test kitchen for the development of professional, original culinary content. 


our mission

We believe in authentic ideas, a dependable voice, and professional execution.

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